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Taizhou Yangchun Electric Motor Co. Ltd was established in 1996, locating in the Danya Industrial Zone in Zeguo Town, Wenling City of Zhejiang. Since its establishment, the company has been focusing on designing and manufacturing water pump and electric motor. It has grown from a small workshop into a professional water pump supplier with complete automatic electric motor winding machine, advanced assembly line, automatic painting line and computer detection line.

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Our products has been widely applied in
Domestic water supply and drainage:
Family tap water supercharging, hot water pipe supercharging, tall building water supply, water tower water supply, long-distance water conveyance irrigation, small swimming pool, water treatment(water purification), sewage treatment, public building water supply and drainage;

Agricultural water supply and drainage:
Farm irrigation, breeding industry water supply and drainage, breeding industry oxygenation, vegetable greenhouse water supply, garden irrigation and deep well water drawing.

Industrial and municipal administration:
Mine water supply, food and chemical industry non-corrosive chemistry liquid, air conditioning system, cooling system, industrial cleaning, normal corrosive object transmitting, industrial sewage treatment and city administration river way dredging.

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