YC Single-phase Capacitor-start Electric Motor

YC Single-phase Capacitor-start Electric Motor

The YC Single-phase capacitor-start electric motor is suitable for powering small type drilling machine and water pumps,especially for family workshop where only single-phase current supply is available

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YC Single-phase capacitor-start electric motor



1. Introduction


The YC Single-phase capacitor start electric motor is commonly known as a capacitor start motor. Single phase motor stator winding has a primary winding and a secondary winding, the phase difference of 90 degrees in space, We know that the single- phase motor is the main winding of the magnetic field is generated pulsating magnetic field, through the secondary winding and capacitor split phase, in order to produce a fixed rotation direction of the magnetic field, when the speed exceeds the 70-80% role, the centrifugal switch will cut off the secondary winding and the start capacitor, capacitor start motor is characterized by large starting torque.


2. Application


The YC Single-phase capacitor start electric motor are made to IEC standards. These are superior motors delivering excellent

torque enabling the toughest jobs to be handled with dependable ease.They perform well in high voltage fluctuating regions and

commonly used in the pumping,compressor,agriculture,farming, building service and manufacturing industry.When rated output is 3HP or below,motors with capacitors start,and 4HP or above with capacitor start and run.


3. Advantages

Water dust and vermin resistant

Quiet operation

Corrosion resistant

Reliable in country, city or factory environments

Very low vibration

Very low power consumption

Superior life

Suitable for hot environments

Low start current and EMC interference


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