Can all motors be generators?
- Aug 27, 2018 -

The motor is divided into two types: motor and generator. In theory, most of the motors have the function of generators. However, if you want to fully act as a generator, you need to consider the power generation quality of the motor, the adjustable magnetic field, and the problem of fault demagnetization. For a permanent magnet motor, if there is a prime mover with a motor rotating, the motor winding is connected with a load, and the motor is in a power generating state; for an asynchronous motor in which the stator and the rotor are windings, there is no way to generate electricity, but there is a surplus on the stator. Magnetic, so the self-excited starting method can also make the asynchronous motor act as a generator; for a switched reluctance motor, by adding complex windings, such as adding a field winding, it can also be used as a generator, similar to the doubly salient power generation. As for the wind-powered doubly-fed generator and the three-stage synchronous generator commonly used on the aircraft, it has its special structure and control method. In short, as long as the motor structure and control mode are changed, the motor can always be converted into the generator state. Especially for permanent magnet motors, there are two functions of motor generators without modification, but permanent magnet motors are used as generators. There are some shortcomings of its own, is not described here