Characteristics of Oil Vacuum Pump
- Dec 05, 2017 -

1、 Cast aluminum housings make the pumps lightweight while durable. it is easy to start and maintenance free.

2、 High Efficiency and Low Noise.Higher flow rate and vacuum degree compared with similar products

3、 Alloy Aluminium Casing - Motor is made from allow casing which has good heat dissipation to keep the pump running efficiently and for a longer life.

4、 Large sight glass with scale: Minimum and maximum scale to avoid damaging vacuum pump and also improve your work efficiency

5、 Oil Anti Flow-Back Design - The gas inlet is specially designed to prevent oil form flowing back, preventing the container and hoses from being polluted

6、Oil  Vacuum Pump is compact, light and attractive in design. It uses the big starting torque which is especially designed for low temperature environment.

7、The motor USES full copper wire

8、 Vesatile - Suitable for all refrigerants. R12 , R134a , R22 , R410a , R404 , R502 etc

9、CE Certificate