Classification of submersible Pumps
- Aug 17, 2017 -

Submersible pump for Well

The submersible pump is directly connected with the motor and the pump, the body dives into the water to work the water lifting machine, it is suitable for extracts the groundwater from the deep well, also may use in the river, the reservoir, the canal and so on water to carry on the project: mainly uses in the farmland irrigation and the plateau mountainous area water and animal use, may also supply the city, the

Characteristics of submersible pumps for wells

1, motor, pump, dive into the water operation, safe and reliable.

2, there is no special requirement for well pipe and Yang pipe (that is: steel pipe well, ash tube, DOI, etc. can be used).

3, installation, use, maintenance easy, small footprint, do not need to build a pump station.

Simple structure, saving raw materials.

4, submersible pump use of the appropriate conditions, proper management and service life have a direct relationship.

Magnetic levitation Pump

Magnetic levitation submersible Pump It has realized the world breakthrough in the field of submersible pump, effectively solved the disadvantages of traditional submersible pump: such as low conversion efficiency, high power consumption, limited lift, easy bearing and frequent maintenance. Widely used in industrial and mining enterprises for drainage, farmland irrigation and plateau, mountain water supply and other fields.

Magnetic levitation submersible Pump It has changed the manufacturing process of submersible electric pump with unique patented technology, the conversion efficiency achieves the shocking new level, has created the huge energy saving and reducing the benefit.

The magnetic levitation submersible pump solves the axial force problem which restricts the development of the World submersible pump field, submersible pump head has a breakthrough to improve, filling the lift (single head design to thousands of meters) and large flow (high load) submersible pump market gap; Its conversion efficiency, stand-alone lift in the world professional status.

Magnetic levitation submersible Pump is a new generation submersible pump, which realizes the vertical magnetic levitation (keeping high rate under different operating conditions), not wear, the use of time and maintenance period extended several times, save frequent regular maintenance work, can run continuously for tens of thousands of hours, save maintenance, overhaul costs.