Deep well pump repair and maintenance
- Nov 28, 2017 -

In today's deep well submersible pump is widely used in agriculture, it can not only improve the efficiency of agriculture, but also reduce manpower consumption, for many large agricultural population is a very economical product. However, the majority of farmers actually do not understand the deep submersible pumps, and will not even use the method of maintenance is a problem, which will greatly reduce the pump life and work efficiency. Here I talk about deep submersible pump in the use of a few considerations.

1. Should not be started frequently

Deep submersible pump should not be frequent start, because the pump will stop there is a return, immediately start the motor load will start.

2. Abnormal voltage should not be switched on

When the voltage is too high, the pump will overheat, which will shorten its service life and even burn it out.

3. Abnormal immediately shut down

In the use of deep submersible pump is to be employed by the paramedic, anomaly immediately stop, with the pump does not turn after the inspection.

4. Regular boot

In the long-term pump when we have to regularly boot it to prevent rust, generally the best time to open once a week.