Difference of vacuum pump with single rotating double rotating blade
- Dec 06, 2017 -

The rotary vane vacuum pump is the rotary motion of the rotor and rotor slider in the slot, and the vacuum pump is obtained by the volume type mechanical vacuum pump. When the working fluid is used to lubricate and fill the dead zone of the pump cavity, the exhaust valve is separated from the atmosphere, usually called the oil sealed rotating vane vacuum pump. When there is no liquid, a dry spin vacuum pump.

The oil seal rotary vane vacuum pump is used as the belt drive rotary vacuum pump. The pump is directly connected with the motor or directly connected with the rotary vane vacuum pump. On each pump, it is divided into single and two stages. Single stage pump, due to the selection of structure and parameters, the pump's ultimate pressure and use is different.

In structure, in order to prevent oil return, some pumps equipped with check valves can automatically cut off the circuit. Some inlet valves equipped with passages are automatically cut off for gas pump operation when the pump is suddenly opened, and the vacuum pump is kept. The inlet pump of the vacuum pump is equipped with an oil pump and a control structure. In the annex, except for fog, odor, filter and broken glass block, the population filter, dust, chemical filter, steam condensate trap and temperature control pump are used to improve the extraction rate of steam and protect the water temperature control valve of the pump.

Their common characteristics are simple structure, convenient operation, starting from the air pressure, directly to the atmosphere, small eccentricity and convenient maintenance. The structure improves the reliability of the pump itself.