Failure and solution of multistage pump
- Dec 22, 2017 -

Fault 1: the drastic beating of the water pump non water pressure gauge and the pointer of the vacuum meter

Cause: 1. instilling water is not enough for 2. pipes and the leakage of the instrument is too high for 3..

Solution: 1.. Check the bottom valve is Water Leakage to hire 3. 2. foot water leak tighten the lower the height

Fault two: the vacuum gauge of the water pump indicates the high vacuum

Reasons: 1. foot valve does not open or blocked too much 2. pipeline resistance 3. filter clogging

Solution: 1. check valve 2. replacement of water 3. clean the filter.

Fault three: pressure gauges are pressure but still do not come out of water

1. reasons: the outlet resistance is too large 2. rotating in the wrong direction 3. outlet pipe valve closed impeller blocked 4.

Solution: check 1. or 2. min short pipe inspection machine. Two phase intermodulation 3. open the outlet valve 4. remove the dirt inside the impeller

Fault four: fail to reach design flow

Reasons: 1. air inhalation 2. due to water level reduction. Inundation depth is not 3., there is a foreign body in the impeller and the 4. rotor part is seriously worn out.

Solution: 1. check out the gas leakage part and exclude 2. lengthening the suction pipe. Deepen the depth of flooding by 3. disassembly and drop the foreign body 4. to replace the seal ring

Fault five: pump power consumption is too large

Reason: 1. packing pressure is too tight. And heat 2. flow over 3. revolving body and shell have rubbing 4. pump bearing wear 5. pump shaft bending

Solution: 1. proper relaxation of packing pressure, 2. closing of small gate valve opening 3. trimming rotary body and housing position 4. replacement bearing 5. replacement or correction

Fault six: pump vibration increase

Reasons: 1. impellers are partially blocked 2. impeller breakage 3. flow over small 4. pump shaft and motor are not concentric on 5. bearings damaged 6. mixed into the air.

Solution: 1. disassembly, removal of foreign body 2., replacement of impeller 3., opening of outlet valve 4. at fixed point and 5. change of suction position.