How to clean the centrifugal pump
- Nov 28, 2017 -

How to clean the centrifugal pump

Cleaning is an important part of the work, the quality of cleaning a great impact on the efficiency of centrifugal pumps. Using the correct cleaning method to improve the cleaning quality and reduce the cost is one of the problems that the repair worker must consider, then we will show you how to properly clean the centrifugal pump:

1. Scrape the inner and outer surface of the impeller and seals and bearings and other places of accumulation of scale and rust and other objects, and then water or compressed air cleaning, blowing clean.

2. Clean grease and rust accumulated on the joint surfaces of the housing.

3. Wash water seal tube and check whether the tube is smooth.

4. Wash bearings and bearings to remove grease, and then wash the oil ring and oil surface meter. Ball bearing application of gasoline cleaning.

5. No assembly of the zero, parts, should be oiled after cleaning protection.