How to prevent the vacuum pump from scaling?
- Dec 08, 2017 -

1 Hardness of circulating cooling water

The circulating water is very similar to the operation process of the low pressure hot water boiler during the operation of the vacuum pump. Therefore, the water quality in accordance with the quality standard of hot water boiler to manage the vacuum pump, vacuum pump to prevent fouling, but also to prevent the corrosion of the vacuum pump.

The vacuum water system of the circulating pump is mostly open cycle system, and the oil recovery rate is high. When water treatment is not used in the use of ion exchange equipment for funds and other reasons, the softening pool is generally used and a high pool of vacuum pump water is used.

2 Temperature control of circulating cooling water

From the above analysis, it can be seen that the difference between the temperature of the water ring of the vacuum pump and the temperature of the softened water tank is an important factor leading to the formation of the scale. Therefore, improving the supply of circulating water and improving the cooling effect are the important guarantee to minimize the scaling rate.

Therefore, during the operation of circulating cooling water, we must monitor each pump's backwater temperature and backwater to ensure that the normal water supply and return water temperature of each pump is not more than 40 degrees C. The water supply can be controlled by the valve. If the temperature of the return water exceeds the regulation, the cold water should be supplemented or cooled to reduce the temperature of desalted water in the water tank of the desalted water.