How to solve the problem of centrifugal pump noise
- Nov 28, 2017 -

Centrifugal pump in the work often there will be some noise phenomenon, then the noise is how it is produced, many users are very headache, so we have to solve the problem when we first know where? In fact, this problem is difficult to solve, saying that simple is not simple, follow the specific content to follow Xiaobian look at it:

1, when the user chooses the products with lower liquid level than the pump, the inlet pipe does not have the bottom valve to cause the horizontal centrifugal pump to evacuate. In this case, the bottom valve should be installed and then the pump should be started Suction centrifugal pump is more suitable.

2, rotating parts loose or damaged, loose parts or replace.

3, the stent is not strong or pipeline support caused by pipeline pump vibration, the solution is reinforced pipe support, should not rely on the pump to support the pipeline.

4, Centrifugal pump into the metal objects or other objects, or between the impeller and the pump casing friction, the solution disassemble the pump to eliminate friction.

5, the newly installed products are mostly due to noise installation problems, such as the import and export pipelines not in accordance with the standard diameter of the pump installation but increased pipe diameter, leading to cavitation phenomenon it had vibration, and accompanied by Noise phenomenon occurs, we can close the small outlet valve or change the pipe diameter to solve.

6, centrifugal pump rotor or drive rotor imbalance, this situation should rebalance the rotor.

7, coupling pump due to shaft and motor shaft misalignment caused by mechanical vibration and noise, the solution is to recalibrate the coupling.

8, the bearing wear is too serious, resulting in excessive clearance, you should replace the new bearing.

9, Anchor bolts loose or the foundation is not strong, check and tighten the loose parts or replace.

Centrifugal pump in solving the noise, if its skills are required to master the skill, in fact, it is really simple to solve, but if you know little about repair techniques, there is not enough experience, then it is relatively speaking, its repair is more Difficult, this time I suggest you find the relevant professionals for operation and maintenance.