How to solve the trouble of motor product
- Aug 17, 2017 -

The application of motor products in our daily life can be said to be everywhere, our social productivity is inseparable from the development of motor products, but many people are troubled by the problem is how to solve the motor fault?

1, brush on the spring pressure is uneven: the appropriate adjustment of spring pressure, so that each brush pressure to maintain in 1.47x104~2 45x104pa can also be felt on the hand.

2, brush frame position is not: moving brush holder, choose the location of good spark.

3. High Voltage: Adjust the applied voltage to the nominal value.

4, armature winding circuit breaker: Open the motor, check the armature winding, use MV table to find out the circuit, if not welding will be heavy around.

5, the commutator piece mica not to pull the net: The hand pulls the knife to carve the remaining mica.

Please operate in a safe situation.