Intelligent manufacturing has become a new direction for the development of horizontal two construction column Pump Enterprises
- Jan 03, 2018 -

In recent years, the annual growth rate of China's horizontal two column construction pump industry is ranked first in the traditional industry. However, if we want to integrate with the international market, we must accelerate the development of science and technology and make it develop towards an economic, efficient and multi-functional direction. The two horizontal structural column pump as an important member of construction machinery industry, the rapid pace of development in our country, in recent years, in addition to the construction industry on the rising demand, the industry automation needs is also rising, at present, two horizontal structural column pump in the development space of Chinese giant. Facing the change of the market, the leading enterprises with long manufacturing ability are actively introducing the concept of intelligence to open up a new market. "Intelligent manufacturing" is becoming a new direction for the development of a batch of two horizontal construction column pump enterprises in China.

The two construction of the column pump to extend the life of his first is to keep the maintenance and maintenance, good care of it, let him better work. Two tectonic column pumps in the same is true for structure to make it create more economic benefits column pump mortar pump, we must first to be careful in the use process, often maintenance and maintenance. You know, the two construction pump, mortar pump, such equipment is generally in the factory area, and can not be too close to the residential area, and the remote area can only be outdoors, wind and rain, the environment is bad, it has a great degree of damage and erosion to the equipment.

With the development of science and technology, intelligentization has become the mainstream trend of the development of engineering machinery. And intelligent in various fields also wait for a relatively wide range of applications, not only effectively improve the efficiency of work, but also reduce costs. Engineering machinery industry is a strategic industry to provide technology and equipment for the national infrastructure, but also the equipment manufacturing industries in the most important, is one of the country to encourage the development of key areas, the development of the manufacturing technology to fully drive the upgrading of equipment manufacturing industry and technological progress, is the embodiment of the comprehensive national strength. At the same time, the construction machinery is facing the market economy and participating in the global competition, and the advanced manufacturing technology has become the core competitiveness of the enterprise. This shows that China's construction machinery industry is imminent to take the road of intelligence.