Pump installation in static test
- Dec 26, 2017 -

After the mechanical seal is installed and debugged well, the static test should be carried out, and the leakage is observed. If the leakage is small, there are many problems in the ring or static ring seal ring, and when the leakage is large, there is a problem in the friction pair between the dynamic and static rings. In the preliminary observation of leakage, the leakage judgment based on the part of, and then manually turning observation, if leakage without significant changes in the static and dynamic seal ring problems; such as the disk when there are significant changes in leakage can be concluded that the dynamic, static friction ring problems; such as leakage along the axial direction is injection. Dynamic ring seal ring problems are medium to leak around the jet or water leaked from the cooling hole, mostly static seal ring failure. In addition, the leakage channel can also exist at the same time, but generally there are primary and secondary differences, so long as it is careful and familiar with the structure, it will be able to judge correctly.