Solar DC Submersible Pump
- Aug 17, 2017 -

Solar DC submersible Pump application Range

DC Solar Water Pump is mainly used for village or household water supply, livestock drinking water and farm irrigation, field camping water supply, remote and electricity-free area water supply, lower water level, pressurization and a variety of industrial uses, can be used in the smallest diameter of 4-inch pipe wells or openings, but also in various lakes, ponds and canals and other water sources.

Features DC Solar water pump includes three main parts, such as solar array, pump controller and DC pump. Reasonable structure, good sealing, low noise, high flow.

The pump consists of a sensorless permanent magnet DC brushless motor connected with a submersible pump (centrifugal pump), which is driven by a pump controller.

The motor has simple and reliable structure, small volume and light weight.

Using fixed rotor double porcelain seal patented technology to do insulation water treatment, in the winding insulation strength reached more than 500 trillion euro. The controller design function is perfect, has the mppt, over-current, undervoltage, prevents the water to run and so on many kinds of protection. Green environmental protection, direct solar power supply, low voltage DC, energy-saving security.

DC Solar Water Pump belongs to the clean water pump, can not be used to discharge sewage or transport hot water. The water quality standard for conveying is not more than 0 of the sediment content (weight ratio). 01%, ph value should be between 6.5-8.5.