Solar Deep Submersible Pump
- Aug 17, 2017 -

Solar Deep submersible pump is to solar panels to convert light energy into electricity, coupled with low pressure dedicated solar water pump combination, without laying cable, convenient and practical, easy to operate. When there is sunshine, pump water automatically, no sunlight can continuously pump water. Equipped with power supply to ensure continuous pumping, stable voltage work.

Applicable scope: Sunny, remote without electricity supply family, grassland pastoral area, working base station drinking water, courtyard irrigation, rainy days can be used continuously.

Product Overview: Solar Wells submersible pump is the motor and water pump directly into the water to work in the lifting equipment, by diving pumps, submersible motors, water pipes, cables and start-up protection devices, solar panels and other components. It is suitable for sunny, remote power supply areas from deep wells to extract groundwater, can also be used in rivers, reservoirs, canals and other water extraction projects, applied to farmland irrigation and Highland mountain areas of water and livestock, especially for the mining industry, aquaculture, agriculture, construction and family (or mountain water use).

Main Features:

1, the motor, water pump integration, dive into the water operation, simple structure, energy saving and efficient, safe and reliable.

2, to the well pipe, Yang water pipe No special requirements, steel tube, ash tube, DOI, etc. can be used, under the pressure permits, steel pipe, hose, plastic pipe can be used for Yang water pipe.

3, high lift, light weight, no noise, no pollution, the environment for the installation of strong adaptability, substantial savings in engineering costs, do not affect the building, natural landscape.

4, installation, use, maintenance easy, small footprint.

5. Anti-sand antifreeze structure, into the water depth of 70 meters, automatic thermal protection.

6. Leading pump technology production of high-performance wear-resistant type of electric pump, the power part of the advanced technology with the production of submerged stainless steel submersible motor, water quality is absolutely non-polluting. Selection of high-quality stainless steel shell, shaft core, coupling, into the water seat and pump head (or copper alloy into the water seat, pump head), high-strength wear-resistant new composite polymer materials impeller and stainless steel diversion shell, the new "floating-type" structure of the impeller during the work of the motor without axial pressure.