The daily maintenance and maintenance methods of multistage pumps
- Dec 25, 2017 -

(1)And combined with the inspection of multistage pump loosening pipeline. The multistage pump is rotated with the hand to see if the multistage pump is flexible.

(2)The addition of bearings to the bearing lubrication oil to observe the oil level should be in the center line of standard oil, lubricating oil should be replaced or supplemented.

(3)Water diversion plug multistage pump body, unscrew the filling water (or lead paste).

(4)How close the outlet pipeline valve and outlet pressure gauge and vacuum gauge.

(5)The move the motor, when the motor turning right or not.

(6)It can pump long-term disabled, need to pump all apart, dry water, the combination of rotating parts and apply grease to pack.

(7)Or try to control the scope specified multistage pump flow and head on the plate, in order to ensure the multi-stage pump at maximum efficiency operation, to maximize energy saving effect.

(8)According to multistage pump during operation, the bearing temperature can not exceed the ambient temperature 35C, the highest temperature shall not exceed 80C.

(9)If found, the multi-stage pump abnormal sound should stop and check the reason.

(10)I have a multistage pump to stop use, turn off valve, pressure gauge, and then stop the motor.

(11)2 multi-stage pump in the first month of work, replacement of oil by 100 hours, after every 500 hours, oil change time.

(12)The multi-stage pump often adjusting packing gland, packing room of the drip to ensure the normal situation (to drop out as appropriate).

(13)Go to regularly check the wear sleeve of the multi-stage pump, large wear should be replaced after.

(14)All the pump used in the winter season, after stopping the pump body, lower drain plug unscrew medium on the net. To prevent cracking.

(15)All the starting motor, when the normal operation of the multi-stage pump, open the import export pressure gauges and vacuum pumps depending on the show after the appropriate pressure, and gradually open the valve, and check the motor load conditions