The development trend of photovoltaic pump system
- Oct 28, 2017 -

The photovoltaic pump system topology structure, the selection principle of each component, maximum power point tracking technology, motor control strategy and system optimization strategy analysis summarized in such aspects as a whole.Through the above analysis, combined with the actual, put forward some optimization Suggestions to the existing photovoltaic pump system, and discusses the photovoltaic pump system is the development direction in the future.
China's remote western regions arid climate, serious water shortage, but abundant light resources, is rich in groundwater resources.The region usually use or diesel motor driven pump water supply of power supply, but the diesel generator set driven pump system not only operation and maintenance cost is high, and the consumption of fossil energy, destroy the ecological environment.Photovoltaic pump system has no pollution, full automatic, and the advantages of high reliability and unattended, is a kind of independent water supply system is very suitable for remote areas.In addition, the photovoltaic pump system has been applied to the desert control, grassland animal husbandry, landscape fountains and water desalination, etc.
In the photovoltaic pump system appeared a lot of problems in the application process, mainly has: photovoltaic cell is expensive, conversion efficiency is low, need a large number of photovoltaic cells, cause photovoltaic pump system relatively expensive traditional drive pump water supply system;The pump and motor type on the market is various, performance gap is larger, and are dedicated photovoltaic water pump and motor, low efficiency;The change of light intensity on the performance of the photovoltaic pump system has had a huge impact, the greater demands of the control system is stable and efficient operation;No appropriate financing package, no photovoltaic pump system the relevant industry standards, is also the important reason of photovoltaic pump system promotion.
On the photovoltaic pump system were reviewed, including the classification of the system structure, system component is introduced and the selection principle, maximum power point tracking technology research, motor control strategy and system optimization strategy research.Finally according to the shortage of the existing research, this paper gives the corresponding optimization design direction.
Photovoltaic pump system is to convert solar energy into electricity to drive the pump for pumping system, mainly composed of photovoltaic array, a controller, motors and pumps, etc.Photovoltaic pump system according to the drive motor is different, can be divided into dc photovoltaic pump system and ac photovoltaic pump system.
In the photovoltaic pump system, water pump is the core components, pump type is various, but the market is harder to pump selection.At the same time, different operating characteristics of different kinds of water pump, and the efficiency difference is bigger, so choose the appropriate pump is one of the ways to optimize system.
Pump consists of a centrifugal pump and positive displacement pumps, positive displacement pump is to use the pump cylinder contents of product changes to transport liquid pump, has the characteristics of high efficiency head high, despite their high price, large volume, high noise and maintenance requirements, but in place of high lift small flow still has the advantage;Centrifugal pump with the impeller rotating centrifugal motion in the liquid, with high efficiency, cheap price, convenient maintenance, suitable for rural use etc, and the applicable scope wide, wide application. 

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