The future development of the motor industry Environmental pollution is the key
- Jan 05, 2018 -

Recently, the Press Center of the Fifth Session of the 12th NPC held a press conference in the multi-purpose hall of the Media Center. Chen Jining, Minister of Environmental Protection, said at the meeting that he should increase the implementation of the main responsibility of enterprises for environmental protection, Environmental violations. Motor industry should make long-term response.

Last year, the environmental protection departments at all levels issued more than 124,000 administrative sanctions, with a fine of 6.63 billion yuan, an increase of 28% and 56% respectively over 2015. Ministry of Environmental Protection listed on supervision of 27 key environmental violations, the organization investigated and banned "ten small" 2465 enterprises.

Talking about the 2016 environmental supervision, I believe many people in industries still have the lingering fear that high-energy consumption and high pollution industries such as chemical industry, sanitary ware, ceramics, paper making, printing and dyeing, cement and mining enterprises have been severely punished. Some non-polluting enterprises Under investigation, the motor industry is no exception. Last year, environmental supervision into Guangdong, when the micro motor World Network found that many motor companies are affected more or less affected.

However, this year's environmental supervision will be even greater.

Chen Jining said that this year not only to complete the full coverage of the environmental protection inspectors in the remaining provinces, but also to carry out special inspections and "look back" irregularly on some prominent issues. At the same time, it will promote the establishment of a long-term mechanism for environmental protection at the local level. At present, the overall pattern of environmental inspectors at the central and provincial levels has been initially established.

NPC deputy and director of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Environmental Protection, the governor of the People's Democratic Progressive Party of Guangdong Province Lu Xiulu revealed during the two sessions that this year Guangdong will carry out provincial-level environmental inspectors and urban key inspectors who have instable environmental indicators.

When the environmental inspection team was stationed in Guangdong last year, some experts said that the environmental inspector certainly will have to suffer a certain amount of pain in the manufacturing industry of the PRD. However, it is even more an opportunity for the industrial optimization and adjustment.

However, with the routine and regular environmental supervision, labor pains may translate into persistent pain. Therefore, the motor industry in order to steady development, the need to continue to work on environmental issues.

Although with the development of science and technology, the production process of the motor has been continuously improved and the pollution is greatly reduced. However, there are still some direct or indirect pollution problems in the motor production process such as noise pollution, water pollution and dust pollution.

The use of advanced scientific and technological means from the motor of the new design, new technology and new materials, and other key factors to start with, optimize production technology, strengthen operational management, strict implementation of the various production regulations and formulate reasonable methods, these pollution problems can be solved: The direct pollution generated in the process of motor manufacturing shall be strictly controlled and strictly controlled; and for indirect pollution control, capital and technical support shall also be provided to reduce the harm caused by pollution.

With the vigorous development of the green economy in our country and the increasingly firm governance of smog, the pollution problems in various industries will be paid more and more attention. Therefore, the motor industry in the development of the occasion should be devoted to solving the pollution problems in production, which is not only related to the well-being of people, but also with the long-term development of enterprises are closely related.