Use method of deep water pump
- Dec 21, 2017 -

The submersible pump is composed of a control cabinet, a diving cable, a lift pipe, a submersible pump and a submersible motor. The main uses and application scope of submersible pumps include mine rescue, construction and drainage, water and agricultural irrigation and drainage, industrial water recycling, urban and rural residents' quoted water supply, and even emergency rescue and disaster relief. Submersible pump classification of the use of media, submersible pumps in general can be divided into water submersible pump, sewage submersible pump, sea water submersible pump (corrosive) three types. Installation method of submersible pump

1, vertical vertical use, such as in the general water well;

2, the oblique use, such as in the mine inclined roadway;

3. Horizontal use, such as a pump used in a pool to lift water, oil, or other liquids in a deep well (or drill). It can be divided into two types: vertical axis centrifugal type and vertical piston type.

For example, a vertical shaft centrifugal deep water pump consists of three basic parts: the working part with water filtration network, the lifting pipe part equipped with the transmission shaft and the transmission device equipped with the motor. The working part and the water pipe are located in the well, and the transmission is located on the wellhead. When the impeller rotates, the pressure head and speed increase at the same time, and the flow is guided to the secondary impeller through the flow path of the guide shell, so that it flows through all the impeller and guide shell step by step, so that the pressure head increases with the flow through the impeller. The lift can reach a 26-138 meter liquid column. Deep well pumps are widely used in mining, oil and other industries, without the limit of liquid level concentration. The necessary tools for deep well water extraction are for urban, industrial and mining enterprises and irrigation water. The products have the advantages of single head lift, advanced structure and manufacturing technology, low noise, long life, high efficiency and reliable operation.