What are the characteristics of the sewage pump vertical stainless steel pipes
- Oct 28, 2017 -

LW vertical sewage pump suitable for factory business seriously polluted wastewater emissions of urban sewage treatment plants, sewage PaiWuZhan of main housing, water system, civil air defense system drainage stand, waterworks water supply equipment, hospital, hotel of sewage, municipal engineering, construction, mining machine, rural biogas digester, irrigation and other industries, sewage containing particles, dirt, and can also be used for water and weak corrosive medium.
Vertical sewage pump product features stainless steel pipes
1, using new friction in mechanical seal, and long into the oil indoor running;
2, compact structure, small volume, low noise, energy-saving effect is remarkable, convenient maintenance, easy to replace
3, with double vane impeller structure, greatly improve the through capacity of sewage
4, automatic control cabinet can be according to the changes required for liquefaction, automatic control of pump super move and stop, do not need specialist care, use very convenient;
5, according to user needs, equipped with installation, it comes great convenience to installation and maintenance, people could enter without this the sump;
6, can be used within the scope of design, with no overload of motor.
7, the pump with outdoor motor, you should build pump room, can be installed directly with outdoor use savings;
Vertical sewage pump USES stainless steel pipes
(1) business units waste water discharge.
(2) the urban sewage treatment plant emissions system.
(3) drainage station subway, basement, civil air defense system.
(4) hospital, hotel, high-rise building wastewater discharge.
(5) residential sewage drainage station.
6. Municipal engineering, thin mud in the construction site.
All landowners waterworks water supply device.
Today sewage farms and rural farmland irrigation.
Pet-name ruby exploration and mining and water treatment equipment.
Attending instead of bright, pumping well. 

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