Water pump selection method
- Oct 23, 2017 -

With reasonable supporting pump selection method is a prerequisite for the proper use of the pump, pump selection is the basis of design flow and design head. When the design flow and design head is determined, the selection of work can be carried out pump.

(1) principle of pump selection

Under the design head, the water flow provided by the pumping station can meet the requirements of the flow of irrigation and drainage and water supply.

Pump in the long-term operation, the annual average efficiency is high, the operation cost is low.

Third, according to the selected pump station, the equipment and civil engineering investment is the most.

Easy installation, operation, maintenance, operation and management.

Choose the new products that are serialized, standardized, universal and updated, and avoid using obsolete products.

(2) method and procedure of pump selection

According to the design of the head, in the pump product samples or the manual on the spectrum, preliminarily selected to meet the requirements of different lift pump using several flow pump performance table or pump series, and according to the rated flow of drainage, irrigation, water supply and design flow of each pump units, calculate each pump type required the.

According to the preliminary selected pump, and to determine the diameter of pipeline arrangement, calculate the water pump in the maximum lift, lift and lift the minimum design operating point, high requirements of operating point pumps located within the head and flow can meet the needs of users, no cavitation, power is not overloaded. If not meet the requirements, you can choose other pump type or use adjustment measures.

According to the selection principle, a comprehensive technical and economic comparison of various schemes is carried out, and the technically feasible and economically reasonable pump type and number are selected.