What is the operation order of the rotary vacuum pump?
- Dec 04, 2017 -

1. Check the oil level to stop the pump oiling to the oil standard center is appropriate. Low on the exhaust valve can not play the role of oil seal, affecting the degree of vacuum. Too high may cause fuel injection when starting the atmosphere. Operation, the oil level has increased, is a normal phenomenon. The oil is cleaned with the specified grade of vacuum pump oil, added from the filler hole. After refueling, should be screwed on a plug. Oil should be filtered to prevent debris from entering, blocking the hole.

2. RS series rotary vane vacuum pump in the atmosphere or any vacuum for a start. Pump port, such as attached solenoid valve, should be with the pump at the same time action.

3. Ambient temperature is too high, the oil temperature increases, the viscosity decreases, the saturated vapor pressure will increase, will cause the ultimate vacuum decreased, especially with the thermocouple measured total pressure. Such as enhancing ventilation and cooling, or improve pump performance, ultimate vacuum can be improved.

4. Check the RS series rotary vane vacuum pump ultimate vacuum compression mercury vacuum gauge shall prevail, as expected by the full pre-pumping calibration, the pump temperature reached a steady, pump port directly connected with the meter, run within 30 minutes, will reach the ultimate vacuum . The total pressure gauge measured value and pump oil and vacuum gauge, the regulation error, and sometimes the error can be very large, only for reference.

5. If the relative humidity is high, or be pumping gas containing more condensable steam, connected to be pumped container, the gas valve should be open, 20 to 40 minutes after running off the gas valve. Before stopping the pump, open the air valve for 30 minutes to extend the service life of the pump oil.

6. RS series rotary vane vacuum pump oil selection: the viscosity of the pump oil and the pump start to limit the ultimate vacuum, the vacuum is beneficial to the high viscosity, starting power is larger. The saturated vapor pressure of the oil at the pump temperature will affect the pump's ultimate pressure, the lower the better.