Where the submersible pump needs attention when installing
- Aug 17, 2017 -

1. Deep well submersible pump acceptance: The user to the logistics company to take delivery carefully check to see if the cable skin damage. The pump has no fracture.

2. Loading and unloading: loading and unloading vehicles to be careful lest damage the concentricity of the unit or break the insulation of the cable.

3. The whole set of units before the well inspection steps:

A. Disassemble the strainer and use the pry lever to rotate the coupling.

B will pump vertical add full of water, connect the cable connectors, water basins soaked joints, shake test joints to ground resistance (single finger joints to water insulation resistance) value of not less than 500 trillion euro.

C. Put the pump in place with the appropriate container to pump the export of washing powder water, and slightly move the motor Start button carefully observe the steering pump, the time must not exceed 2 seconds, do the mark.

4. On-site assembly steps for water pump split transport:

A. Before the installation of the motor vertical stand, open hole and water injection holes, attention must be two of water plugging open, add full water plugging and water plugging to tighten, observe whether there is leakage of the motor, such as leaking phenomenon must not go down the well, the reason may be the transport process during the bump, should contact agents or manufacturers in a timely manner to resolve, until the leakage (observation 10-15 minutes). Then the insulation resistance of the motor is measured, and its value is no less than 50 trillion euro.

B. Wrap the cable joint, wrap it up and try the motor's turn, the motor's steering to the pump on the direction of the arrow is consistent, and do the mark.

5. Machine pump split when the pump inspection

A. Remove the upper shell of the pump and expose the impeller above,

B. Rotate the impeller with the hand to see whether it is flexible

C. Clockwise pump shaft direction pulling impeller observation impeller seven total channeling (general QJ pump 4-6 mm)

D. The installation of the coupling with the motor to make the shaft head of the motor and pump shaft on the tight do not allow a gap.

E. Look at the clearance of the impeller up and down, should be in the middle position of the total channeling (tolerance ± 0.5 mm).

F. When the deviation is greater than 0.5 mm, adjust the gasket to the middle position with the hand rotating impeller should be flexible.

G. Then drill the top wire hole of the coupling, tighten the top wire to install the upper shell.

H. Use the lever again to toggle the couplings one week should be rotated flexibly for the fitting qualified. Then install the filter screen and the Wire box.

6. Deep well submersible pump bottom: Before the well, use ropes to hoist a log or pipe (diameter equal to the large diameter of the unit) in the same length of the unit. So as not to hold the unit in the well.

7. Cable lashing: Cable to be insulated with a strap to the hose, do not use wire.

8. Control and start-up of the unit: the selection of control equipment. Motor Power X1.2-1.4 times times = Control cabinet power. Control cabinets to have a lack of phase, overload, over-current short-circuit protection measures. After the completion of the installation of the test machine, starting time according to the difference in motor power, master in 10-25 seconds, high-power motor start-up time should be relatively long, see whether the current overload, three-phase current balance, do a good record. and feedback the manufacturer as the basis of warranty.

9. Overload, Over-current, lack of phase, short-circuit, sensitivity debugging: This step is very important, please install personnel carefully debugging.

A. Overload over-current Debugging: The heat relay of the current adjustment knob, slowly to less than the actual work of the direction of the current rotation, each rotation a little scale, interval 2-5 minutes or so until the Heat relay action units stop working. Then rotate a few ticks backwards.

B. Lack of phase sensitivity debugging: The unit will start again, and one by one disconnect the unit knife switch of the insurance tube, so that the unit in two-phase electric working condition. Observe whether the thermal relay can cut off the control power within 5 seconds.

C. Short-circuit test: This step usually depends on the power supply of the air switch to protect. Generally do not do on-site test (more dangerous) require the power supply system must be fitted with air switch (air switch model preferred DW10 type, the second choice DZ type).