Application Of Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump
- Nov 27, 2017 -

1, before use, the reporter should be careful production manual, check out the shipment quality should be checked out of the box. Place spare parts and technical documents, remove exhaust hood. Installation, wiring and test run are required. Water cooled pump water.

2, in order to prevent oil backflow and blowout prevention, you should first open the pump, steering gate oil pump, with the hand according to the provisions of the tank operation. Also check whether the oil level is in the center of the oil, but don't fill it up, and release more.

3, the judge resorted to the assistant method. Put the coat on the pump's mouth, open the pump and suck it, it's positive, it's blown off. The sound is usually positive, and the abnormal sound comes back.

4, such as in the pump with pneumatic solenoid valve, generally should be horizontal, while with the pump action.

5, relative humidity is higher or extraction condensate gas contains water vapor, gas ballast valve should be adopted.

6, the use of vacuum pump oil according to the instructions. Please note that the ester vacuum pump oil can not be mixed with mineral oil vacuum pump oil, and only after cleaning the ester vacuum pump oil can the other oil be exchanged.

7. Check whether the limit pressure of the pump is affected by the compressed mercury vacuum gauge. Pressure gauges should pay attention to the instrument scale and match the regulation reserve, not according to the regulations. Suggestions for adjusting and placing ball valves between test pumps. When the accident occurs, the valve is closed, and the time can be adjusted.