Diving Sewage Pump Equipment Before Operation Should Check The Accessories And Precautions
- Aug 18, 2017 -

1, all kinds of sewage pump mechanical seal equipment before the operation to carefully check the number of mechanical seals are not in line with the need, the components have no damage, especially the dynamic, static ring has no touch, crack, deformation and other defects. If you have any questions, you need to revise or replace the new one.

2, check the sleeve or gland chamfer is not appropriate, do not meet the need to repair when necessary.

3, the submersible sewage pump mechanical seal equipment before operation, it is necessary to clean the clean mechanical seal components and related equipment contact surface. The equipment process should adhere to clean, especially the surface of the dynamic and static ring and its auxiliary sealing elements shall be free of impurities and dust. The surface of the moving and static rings is coated with a layer of clean mechanical oil or turbine oil.

4, in order to prevent the gland end surface deflection, coupling correction, pump mechanical seals tighten the gland when the bolts should be uniform, with feeler inspection points, the fault is not greater than 0.05mm.

5, with feeler inspection of the gland and shaft or sleeve outer diameter of the cooperative open space (that is, concentricity), adjacent to be even, each patient's tolerance is not greater than 0. l0mm.

6, spring contraction should be in line with the rules, do not allow too large or too small appearance, allow fault ±2, 00mm. When the tightening is too large, the end-face pressure increases, and the end face is worn faster, and the pressure is less than the compression. After the spring is loaded in the spring seat should be moved. When the device is single spring, it should pay attention to the rotation direction of the spring, and its rotation should be opposite to that of the shaft.

7, equipment moving ring, should ensure that can be moved, dynamic ring pressure spring should be able to bounce back automatically.

8, the equipment static ring, the First Seal trap in the back of the static ring and then loaded into the sealed end of the mechanical seals, the static ring end and end of the center of the vertical line should meet the technical needs, static ring back of the anti-rotating groove should be aimed at the anti-resale, but can not In the process of equipment, do not damage the static ring end surface.

9, the equipment process, never allow the use of things to hit the seal components, in order to prevent the damage of sealing elements.