Grundfos Invited Live Experience Of Advanced Energy-saving Products
- Nov 29, 2017 -

An advanced, high-quality pump is a "behind-the-scenes hero" that enhances the energy efficiency of water resources. Water, water resources, water environment and water management have always been one of the key factors for the development of China's cities and towns. Urban water shortage, water pollution and other more prominent, urban water system is facing great challenges. With China's industrialization and urbanization deepening and the impact of global climate change, the water problems we face will become more complicated. Strict water resources management, building a water-saving society is imperative. This is also the pump industry is facing and focus of the hot spot.

 From November 30 to December 1, 2017, the International Conference on Water Industry - China International Conference on Urban Water Development and New Technology and Equipment Expo will be held in Haikou soon. Grundfos to "lower energy consumption, more optimized pump solutions" as the theme exhibitors, two for the center and the municipal water team will jointly "Sword", similar to your show.

To this end, Grundfos challenged, committed to helping customers reduce energy consumption by providing more optimized pump solutions. In this exhibition, celebrity products, such as Hydro Dig Plus, Hydro Multi-E and LS-LS pumps, will be unveiled at the fair to show you the products of Grundfos and how we can achieve low energy consumption The forefront.

Permanent Magnetic Water Supply Unit Hydro Dig Plus

Hydro Dig Plus has a new look and the overall flow design optimization, standard rare earth permanent magnet motor (Saver motor), CU352 dedicated controller, multi-channel smart check valve, optional pump dry-proof module and the pump automatically exhaust Based on the traditional sensor protection, the module realizes dual insurance of dry-running protection and cavitation protection of the unit. High standard configuration and a wealth of options, greatly improving the stability of the unit, reliability, intelligence and energy saving.


In the open double suction pump LS

Grundfos LS open double suction pumps, for municipal water development, with low cavitation, wide and efficient area, easy to maintain and so on, for the waterworks and pumping station construction and renovation projects, to provide better solutions and efficient products. Grundfos also provides on-site pumping station audit, pipe network leakage control solutions to help customers effectively reduce system energy consumption and optimize operating costs.


Site Preparation of Sodium Hypochlorite System Selcoperm

Through the electrolysis of salt water, the preparation of fresh low concentration sodium hypochlorite solution for disinfection, with stable operation, easy operation, easy to maintain and so on, especially in remote waterworks and pump stations or chemical transport unstable areas, providing excellent disinfection Program.

Unforgettable friends You can experience VR whole pump room, explore Grundfos smart pump centralized management, the mystery of remote control.


Also worth mentioning is that on December 1, Grundfos Municipal Water Solutions Group Leader (water supply) Liping will be in the "Water Supply Facilities Reform and Operation Management" Forum, "Waterworks pumping station and pumping station reconstruction difficulties and Case Description "(09: 30-09: 50, Shangri-La Hotel, Haikou Function Room III); In addition, Grundfos Center for Business Development Zhu Yinchun will share with you in the forum of" Second Water Supply Facilities Construction and Management " Keynote Speech (10: 30-11: 00, Multifunctional Hall of Shangri - La Hotel, Haikou) "Permanent Magnet Smart Water Supply Unit Meeting the Industry Demand of Secondary Water Supply System Construction and Management". More exciting content, not to be missed.

Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center, booth: 093-100, we are here, meet you!