High Speed Deep Well Pump Has Been Successfully Developed And Mass Production Started
- Sep 19, 2018 -

■The pump use permanent magnet synchronous motor, all stainless steel multistage impeller, and the rotating speed is up to 5200 RPM. It Provides both built-in and external controller solutions, can be used for 3 phase AC or DC direct input (factory setting), and can be used with wide voltage;

■Because the product has high power density and less impeller stage, breaking many traditional bottlenecks of deep well,it has constant pressure constant current water supply, intelligent operation, fault processing self function, wide voltage for the same performance, wide application scope;

■At present, this product can replace the traditional deep well pump, and is suitable for the application of solar energy or battery, especially in the case that the depth of the submerged well is deep and the drilling cost is high. (it can drill smaller Wells with high power or large flow or high head);

more details:ls:http://www.yangchun-pump.com/submersible-pump/high-rotation-speed-deep-well-pump.html