How To Install The Domestic Water Pump
- Aug 18, 2017 -

1. Inlet pipe should be sealed and reliable, must have supporting support, not hanging on the pump. The inlet pipe fitted with the bottom valve shall be installed vertically and horizontally, and the angle between the axis and the horizontal plane shall not be less than 45 degrees. Water source for the channel, the bottom valve should be higher than 0.50 meters underwater, and add nets to prevent debris into the pump.

2. Machine, pump base should be horizontal, and the foundation of the connection should be firm. Machine, pump belt drive, belt tight side under, such transmission efficiency, the pump impeller steering should be consistent with the direction of the arrow directions. With coupling transmission, the machine and pump must be coaxial.

3. The installation position of the pump should meet the requirements of the allowable suction vacuum height, the foundation must be horizontal and stable, and ensure that the rotational direction of the power machinery is consistent with that of the pump.

4. If there are many units in the same room, between the unit and the Unit, the unit and the wall should be more than 800mm distance.

5. Pump suction pipe must be well sealed, and as far as possible to reduce elbow and gate valve, add water should be discharged when the air, the operation of the tube should not accumulate air, require suction pipe micro-present oblique and water pump inlet connection, water inlet should be a certain depth of submergence.