Problems Needing Attention In Safe Operation Of Shielding Pump
- Aug 18, 2017 -

Shielding pump is a kind of no sealing pump, has been widely used in chemical industry, shielding pump manufacturing is not complex, in the application process of shielding pump in strict compliance with the operating procedures of the shielding pump, you can avoid various accidents caused by operation.

How to safely operate the shielding pump to pay attention to the rules:

We have to do, first of all, check the insulation resistance must be above 2mω.

Check whether the rotation direction of the motor is consistent with the direction of the arrow on the pump shell.

Check to see if the bearing monitor points to the specified area and the pointer points to the red indicator as an exception.

Check the fastening parts are solid, pressure gauges, cooling water is good, exit valve and pump exhaust valve is closed and leakage.

Check for cooling water. Full-open import valve, micro-opening bypass valve, to exclude the pump internal gas. At the same time the reverse circulation valve fully open, so that the pipeline filled with liquid. Start the shielding pump, open large bypass valve, fully discharge the pump body gas. After the exhaust, gradually shut off the bypass valve, check the export pressure gauge is on the prescribed pressure, and slowly open the exit valve, so that the discharge capacity to reach the work point flow. The reverse circulation tube valve is adjusted to keep the reverse circulation volume within the 8-15l/min range, while the liquid in the glass mirrors is fully flowing.

The operation process should pay attention to the coarse filter before and after the pressure difference, if the pressure difference increases too big, must carry on the inverted pump processing. The standby pump according to open pump program opened, and then slowly close the exit valve, while observing the operation of the standby pump, confirmed no abnormalities, close the exit valve. Press the Stop button, stop the shielding pump, close the exit valve, stop the cooling water.