Vacuum Pump Wiring
- Dec 01, 2017 -

1, covered with a polyester insulation tape must be pressed when half of the first lap, wrap 8-12, after the wrap, and then two wrapped in plastic tape for strength.
2, the pump cable on the copper stripping around 30-35mm long, use Emery cloth to clean the copper, shiny, the same external wire stripping of 30-35mm three-core cable, clean with Emery cloth.
3, the three-core cable with an external cable stripping copper wire part of the plug up and tight with a thin copper wire tie as shown, the rest cut off, with a pair of scissors to prevent difficult.
4, the vacuum pump three threads that solder welding in prison, requiring bonding surface is smooth, without burrs and welding phenomena, without welding in prison or smooth vacuum welding again, until you reach the requirements.
5, package together with three lines with plastic tape, wrap two layers, the first layer over each conductor insulation end 50mm, end 50mm the second layer over the first layer.
6, wrapped in a bowl of cold water after the wrapped thread safe soaking in water, 12 hours later, measured with a 500V Megger insulation not less than 50 mohm, you should again dressing up to requirements.
7, the grounding line of vacuum pumps submersible cable connection process must also request the dressing.
8, vacuum pumps, connect the line well, constantly shake test of insulation resistance measurement of the change in case the well wall broken cable insulated coat, if the insulation levels fell sharply drops below 0.5 megohms will set up testing reasons.