Why Can The Motor Submersible Pump Be Placed In The Bottom Or Bottom Of The Well Without Wetting The Electric Motor's Enameled Wire?
- Aug 17, 2017 -

Submersible pump water is not absolutely not exposed to the internal enameled wire, cause insulation damage burned motor, general submersible pump motor is relatively sealed, only the upward drive shaft and external existence gap (small gap retained by sliding bearing), but because of its internal filled with insulating oil, and this gap in the upper end of the sealed container, so water is not easy to penetrate its interior;

Once a small amount of water infiltration, because the water density is greater than the oil, so water will stay away from the bottom of the coil pump shell, not directly affect the coil insulation, so, with the submersible pump reasonable maintenance:

Vertical under water (infiltration of water under the pump) not more than 5 meters (underwater pressure is small, not to make water directly through the shaft seal into the motor internal) use;

The pump is raised on the water surface for a long time stop;

Check the water at the bottom of the pump regularly, determine the shaft seal status, and drain and fill the oil and other measures. Will not burn the motor.

Of course, the magnetic submersible pump because the motor is in full seal state, the chances of water intake are even less.