1 Hp Submersible Deep Well Pump

1 Hp Submersible Deep Well Pump

Used in agriculture irrigation,flow arrange from 30L/min to 200L/min, head from 50 meter to 200 meter. Domestic water supply also useful.

Product Details

Detail model list:

The table's pump model max flow is 5m³/hour=85L/min=22GPM


Pay attention:

For example: 100QJD3-39/7 is a model for 220V/50HZ data.

100QJD means this model for 4 inch well.

3 = 3m³/hour =50L/min, it's rate peformance, not the max flow.

39 = 39 meter rate head

Outlet can be brass and cast iron.


Can be 4 wire blue cable or 3 wire black cable.


Voltage 110V&220V&230V&240V 50HZ&60HZ 

Can according to the customer market adjust configuration.

Detail product instruction and model list.

Pay attention: all model name's date is rate perfomance, not max perfomance.

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