150QJD4N/6N Multi-stage Flow Of Water-Cooling Deep Well Submersible Pump

150QJD4N/6N Multi-stage Flow Of Water-Cooling Deep Well Submersible Pump

Wildely used in long-distance water delivery irrigation,breeding of high oxygen,deep water extraction,urban and rural water booster,mine water supply or deliver syrup for food and chemical industries,non corrosive chemical liquid,etc.;

Product Details


High lift,high efficiency,sound-proof,flowing system;

Able to operate under low water level,the lowest dive depth is 112mm;

Stainless steel rotor,extend service life;


Motor:Single phase 220V/50Hz,three phase 380V/50Hz(60Hz available);

Equip with overload protection device,dry operation,and double mechanical seal;

The pump/motor form(shell) adpots stainless steel(202);


304 stainless steel water outlet;

Automatic lubrication technology can extend the service life of motor bearings effectively.Closed type nylon base will resist stand perfectly to reduce impeller wear;

Pump body is the multi-stage stainless steel impeller with no leak;


The pump should be able to operate normally in the following conditions

Maximum liquid problem not exceeding 40℃;

Medium maximum solid particles not greater than 0.02;

Medium PH value between 6.5-8.5;

The maximum dive depth of the pump is 30 meters,not less than 112mm;

Power supply frequency is 50Hz,voltage is single phase AC 220V,three phase AC 380V,voltage Fluctuation range of ± 10%;

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