High Speed Intelligent Deep Well Pump

High Speed Intelligent Deep Well Pump

The high speed intelligent deep well pump is with higher head and larger flow, it's with less quantity of impeller and are smaller than the normal pump, it will save a lot for digging for the well. It's a great choice for considering the future cost.

Product Details

High Speed Intelligent Deep Well Pump

Products Details:


1. Application


The high speed intelligent deep well pump is designed with multi-series impeller structure and equipped with 

permanent magnet motor with rotation speed of 6000rpm, providing higher head and wider application. The pump 

can be widely applied in long distance irrigation water supply, garden spray irrigation, well water drawing, water  tower water supply and agriculture irrigation


 2. Operation Conditions


Maximum liquid temperature no more than 35°C;

Maximum medium particle size no more than 0.01%; 
Medium PH value between 6.5-8.5; 
Maximum diving depth of the pump is 100m and the pump shall be completely immersed by water;


3. Configuration


Intensified stainless steel pump body;
Detachable spline stainless hexagonal spindle; 
Specific mechanic sealing; 
304 stainless steel impeller, higher head; 
Cooper motor winding;
External capacitance controlling box; 
Overheat protection device; 

Insulation level: F;


4. Characteristics


High speed, high efficiency of the unit, and 4-8% improvement in efficiency compared with traditional well pump;
The built-in control system is highly integrated and can be used directly after power connection;
Energy saving and environmental protection;
Small size, light weight and delicate appearance;
Built-in multiple protection procedures and temperature control protection strategies;
Intelligent speed regulation;


We have 3m³, 6m³, 12m³ and 20m³ flow for you to choose. 




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