Self Priming Deep Well Pump

Self Priming Deep Well Pump

The self priming deep well pump is with Yangchun's patent deisgn, the internal sand proof filtering check valve remove sands during reflow, it will protect the impeller and create longer lifespan for the pump.

Product Details

Self priming deep well pump

1. Application


The self priming deep well pump has applied multi-stage impeller structure with higher lift and wider range of application, which can be applied  in long range water supply, garden sprinkling irrigation, well drawing, water tower 

supply, agricultural irrigation and other fields.


2. Operation conditions


Highest liquid temperature no more than 40℃;

Largest media particle no bigger than 0.02%;

PH value of media shall be around 6.5-8.5;

Maximum diving depth 100 meter, no less than 5m;

Power source frequency 50Hz, single phase alternating voltage 220V, tri-phase alternating voltage 380V, voltage

fluctuation ranges ±10% of rated value;


3. Configuration



Stainless steel laser welded inlet and outlet port



 Internal sand proof filtering check valve, remove sands during reflow


  Multi-stage high intensity floating impeller structure


Stainless steel pump barrel, stainless hexagonal spindle with dismountable spline


Copper motor winding

Internal capacitance structure;

Overheat protection device;

Insulation level: F;

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