YP_HA Stainless Variable Frequency Centrifugal Pump

YP_HA Stainless Variable Frequency Centrifugal Pump

304 stainless steel pump body; 304 stainless steel layer welded impeller; itaian mechanic sealing; 304 stainlees steel welded spindle; C&U bearing; copper motor winding; single phase motor with inner overheat protection device; protection level:IPX4;

Product Details

variable frequency constant system realizes high effiency,low noise and low energy consumption;

stainless steel welded impeller,better performance an high durability;

304 stainless steel filtering parts,ensure water cleanness and long service life.

convenient control board,easy to be poerated and no professional adjustment and maintenance is required;

industrial level high precision pressure sensor,high quality stainless steel pressure tank,stainless stell five-port check valve and stainless steel oil immersion quakeproof pressure ensure more relieable system poeration an longer service life;

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