Popular Centrifugal Pump CPM Model

Popular Centrifugal Pump CPM Model

This series of popular centrifugal pump CPM model are popular in south-east Asian market. It's use for clean water, suitable for family use.

Product Details

 Popular centrifugal pump CPM model

1. Application


This series of popular centrifugal pump CPM model has uniform lift and flow distribution, which is suitable

for family pumping and garden watering; Used for pumping no-grain/no-corrosion clean water, etc.;


2. Features


⑴ 100% copper wire, automatic wiring

⑵ Cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, with high-speed punching, improve the efficiency and precision.

⑶ Strict tests include water test, out-gas test and performance test, ect.

⑷ Anti-rust treatment castings

⑸ 1 year warranty



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