Intelligent Automatic Injection Pump

Intelligent Automatic Injection Pump

our intelligent automatic injection pump is different from some other factory, it has self-priming function, not need to pour water inside the pump for start it. It will be more convenient for you to use. And the suction could reach 10m.

Product Details

Intelligent Automatic Injection Pump


1. Application

The intelligent automatic injection pump is a household water pump with high efficiency and low energy consumption. It can be widely applied for family water supply, well water drawing, tap water pipe pressure charging, garden irrigation.


2. Materials

304 stainless steel laser welded impeller, copper impeller and aluminum impeller for your choice.

304 stainless steel welded spindle;

Copper motor winding;

Single-phase motor with inner overheat protection device;

High temperature resistant PPO guide vane.

Electrophoresis anti-rust processed cast iron pump head and connection.


3. Features

Automatic power-off: power of the pump will be automatically cut off when the inlet pipe operates for 6 minutes without water inside. automatic protection program activation avoids damage on mechanic sealing under long term operation.

Flow control: when the water outlet flow is low, electronic control system will automatically inspect and switch the low flow control in order to ensure normal operation of the pump, it provides longer lifespan.

Pump blocking protection: if the pump hasn’t been used for a long period of time, the pump will be started and clear the impurity for 10 seconds every 48 hours to prevent the pump from being blocked;

Delay start and Delay shutdown: the pump will start after the power is connected for 2 seconds to protect the pump and will be shut down after the valve is closed for 5 seconds to ensure normal water supply;

Overload protection: with overheat protection device to prevent the motor burning under abnormal conditions;

Head choose: With the digital display, flow switch and pressure tank, you can choose the head you would like to pumping, with +- symbol, much easier for you to choose, and the head will be showed on the display.


With the digital display, flow switch and pressure tank, could adjust the head you need.

With self-priming function, suction could reach 10m. No need for pour water into the pump before use. Much convient for personal use.

Electrophoresis anti-rust processed cast iron pump head and connection, avoid the pump to be rust after long-term using, keep the water to be clean and healthy.


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